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In recent years, Little League has been experiencing a shortage of Umpires. In light of this, we try to provide as much support as possible and encourage all parents to consider volunteering to be an Umpire.

There is also a per-game stipend offered to those who volunteer to be an Umpire.

No past experience is necessary to become an Umpire for HCLL. We've had college students, high school students, and others with less experience serving as umpires over the years, in addition to parents. We appreciate their contribution!

For questions regarding being an Umpire in HCLL, please contact Neil Hirneisen, 610/603-6072.

Most Little League games have one home plate umpire and a minimum of one field umpire.

We do our best to schedule home plate umpires well in advance, however field umpires are often determined minutes before the game begins. As you arrive at your child’s game, your coach or the home plate umpire may ask you to be the field umpire. When you agree, your main responsibilities are to call plays on the bases, determine if balls are fair or foul, and assist the home plate umpire with other calls.

Below you'll find information about:

Being an Umpire in Little League
Background Checks and Clearances
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Being an Umpire in Little League

Here are resources directly from Little League® to help you be a capable Little League umpire for our programs.

Understand that Little League® presents its advice very formally and thoroughly. HCLL certainly takes officiating seriously and we want games called correctly. Don't be intimidated, though, by the tone and scope of Little League®'s advice. We simply need people to make calls and control the game (again - we've had volunteers with little-to-no experience call games quite capably).

Making the Call: Your Decision to Umpire

4 Ways for Umpires to Get Ready for the Season

Little League® offers many additional resources to support you.

Background Checks and Clearances

Coaches (including Assistant Coaches), Umpires and Board Members – Pennsylvania state law requires any adult that has repetitive contact with children to obtain the following clearances:

  • Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History check (Act 34), and
  • Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 151)

Anyone who has not lived in Pennsylvania the past 10 years must also complete a Federal Criminal History Background Check.

If you intend to Coach, Umpire, or serve on the Board, please complete the following checks and provide copies of the final documents to the President of Harborcreek Little League (currently Scott Dunkle).

All volunteers must complete the required background checks to be eligible for a volunteer position in the HarborCreek Little League.

Please contact Scott Dunkle if you have any questions regarding these opportunities and/or the background checks.

Thank you for your interest!

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